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War of words between Gautham Menon and Karthik Naren

The tweet by Director Karthick Naren, the director of Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru, on Monday evening, has stirred up a controversy in tinsel town.

Yesterday Karthik Naren tweeted without mentioning any names that he was cheated.

Gautham Menon shot out a post on his own “While some young filmmakers whine about their passion getting butchered instead of growing a pair, here’s a young team that makes an interesting short about girls,women, cricket, CSK and liberation.”. This confirmed that serious trouble is brewing between the youngster and the veteran.

Karthik Naren has retorted to GVM on twitter ” While everybody advised against it I had the pair to trust you & collaborate sir. In return we were treated like trash & made to invest on our own. I think its better to whine & confront instead of running away. Please don’t do this to any other young filmmaker sir. It hurts”. It is sad that a beautiful creative collaboration by two amazing filmmakers should end up in this manner.