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REVEALED: Untold Love Affairs Of Ajith

Thala Ajith made his acting debut at the age of 21 in his only Telugu-language film-to-date, Prema Pustagam in 1992, which was followed by Amaravathi (Tamil) in the following year. After acting in a series of smaller budget Movies, Ajith was later recognized for his scintillating performance in the award-winning movie “Kadhal Kottai”. Later he went on to demonstrate his versatility as an actor by portraying a variety of unique characters. We all know that Ajith started dating Shalini and in 2000 they got married.  But no one really knows what has happend to his first  secret love affairs with two different actress,  let’s go back some years:

Heera Affair (1997)
Ajith was romantically linked to fellow actress Heera. Both first met in sets and so acted three films together before becoming romantically linked. Ajith and Heera split up in 1999 due to unknown causes. That same year Ajith met his future wife Shalini on the sets of Amarkalam in 1999. They only waited one year before they got married.

Their relationship came to an end after “Thodarum” , Ajith in an interview to a tabloid said:

we lived together, I really liked her but now everything has changed she is not the same person anymore, in fact she is a drug addict.

However after the brake up actress Heera married a bussiness man who then died the following year. Sources have now even believe that Heera is the only lady that helped Ajith to enter cine industry.

Swathi Affair (1996)
Swathi (real name Leena), revealed that they both are going to get married soon in an interview to a Telugu TV Channel, after getting parents permission they have decided to get married after the movie “Vanmathi”. However for some unknown reason marriage did not take place as they have hoped. Even know the real reason for their breakup still a big mystery.