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Sri Reddy: Suchi Leaks version 2

As you all know that a few months back kolly town was taken by a storm due Suchi Leaks allegedly from singer Suchithra’s twitter account that threatened to expose celebrities in compromising situations.

Now a similar isse has caused huge sensation in the Telugu industry as actress Sri Reddy had announced a week back that she will expose filmmakers and celebrities who had subjected her to the casting couch, with the promise of acting assignments.

Today Sri Reddy has posted on her Facebook that she has recorded a detailed interview with TV9 and expects them to telecast the tell all episode.

With few TV channels conducting some serious debates, Sri Reddy is seen openly saying that she will reveal names to TV channel bosses but asked them not to reveal those to the public. That proves that she got some solid evidence too. A latest buzz is doing rounds that she has secretly recorded some videos when she is getting intimate with few celebs.

Reports have that she has videos of a star hero from a highly influential family, a star director with a continuous set of hits, a sensible director who happens to be a feminist, a popular writer and another faded hero. Whether this is true or not, many wonders if Sri Reddy will openly share these videos or the rumours just blow out like another #SuchiLeaks episode where warnings are heard but nothing practical happened.

Meanwhile, some bigwigs are said to be trying to get in touch with Sri Reddy to find the truth about the same. Because if something like that of a video comes out, surely many big fishes are likely to face worst of their days and whole industry has to take the blame.