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SARKAR ISSUE: Vijay to get Police protection

Actor Vijay’s latest movie “Sarkar” has stirred a controversy over the freebie schemes of the state government.

Protesters outside theatres in Coimbatore, Chennai and Madurai have been damaging the film’s banners and demanding the removal of certain scenes from A.R. Murugadoss directed political thriller that hit the screens this week.

The ruling AIADMK is angry at the Vijay starrer for criticizing their schemes. Many AIADMK ministers and party cadres expressed their displeasure over certain scenes by damaging banners of the film and cut-outs of the actor.

Following this uproar, today it ha been revealed that the Police have arrived at actor Vijay’s house, in order to give protection to the Sarkar actor. Further news regarding the issue will be out soon.

And the new edited version will start to play in the theatres from this afternoon (November 9). The said controversial shot will no more be seen in the coming screenings of Sarkar.