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REVEALED: Why Kamal said NO to Rajini’s Enthiran 2

Did you know that Kamal Haasan was going to play the villain in Enthiran 2.0?

Kamal Haasan was offered the villain’s role opposite Rajinikanth in the sequel to Enthiran but he refused to consider the offer.

“There was no question of taking up the part. I wouldn’t have been part of this film under any circumstance and it’s got nothing to do with the role being a negative one. I have played negative roles many times before. Besides, a big star (Akshay Kumar) is playing the part now,” says Kamal Haasan.

The reason why Kamal said no to Enthiran 2 had nothing to do the film or the role. The Vishwaroopam actor explains, “Rajini and I have a pact that, whenever we do another film together, it would have to be produced by either me or him. It’s the only way to ensure we do not displease our fans.

Now you know why Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth do not do a lot of films together.