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Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva Review: Movie with a nonsensical plot [Rating: ★★½]

In Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva, a remake of Telugu film Pataas, Lawrencce is introduced as Makkal (People’s) Superstar and you know that’s not a good sign. It doesn’t take much time to realise that the title is a mockery of super-stardom and the film is a blow to your sensibilities. If you’re an aspiring filmmaker and want to learn how not to make a mess of a film, here’s the recipe you shouldn’t follow.

The story of this movie revolves around two cops played by Sathya Raj and Raghava Lawrence. Sathyaraj plays an honest police officer whereas Raghava Lawrence plays a corrupt one. The ego clashes between these two takes the movie forward and then enters the antagonist who tries to make use of this internal fight in the police department to his benefit. They movies tells us how the cops resist and solve this issue. Sai Ramani had done a very good job as a writer and director of this movie, as he had filled the plot with all commercial elements to make the audience entertained. Even though there is nothing new in the plot, the presentation of it saved the flick.

Even by regular commercial cinema standard, Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva fails to make an impact. Sathyaraj is sidelined in a role that has no purpose while Ashutosh Rana, who keeps saying ‘I hate police’ for reasons never fully explained, makes you wonder what a bad film can do to an actor of his calibre. Kovai Sarla, who made a terrific comeback with the Kanchana series, is annoyingly unbearable with her loud voice.

RATING: Annoyingly unbearable example of commercial cinema [2.5/5]