Home News #MeToo: More allegations against Vairamuthu (Audio Evidence)

#MeToo: More allegations against Vairamuthu (Audio Evidence)

An unidentified woman on Monday released an audio clip making fresh allegations against acclaimed lyricist Vairamuthu. The woman claims she was an eye-witness to the ordeal suffered by her close friend who was allegedly pursued by Vairamuthu.

“Hello, Vairamuthu sir hearing my voice, I know you will easily recognize my identity. But, I am doing this for my friend,” she says in the audio clip that has surfaced on social media. “I know you have done wrong things.”

She has alleged that Vairamuthu took the phone number of her friend, who saw him as her role model, after an event at Kalakshetra. The same night he called her on the phone to read a poem that he wrote in her memory.

“My friend was shattered by your (Vairamuthu) behavior,” she alleged. She even read a couple of lines from the obscene poem that was allegedly written by Vairamuthu to her friend.

“I know that you know this is true. And if you deny it, I am ready to prove it,” said the woman in the audio clip. She also thanked singer Chinmayi for inspiring her to come out with her story.

In the light of #MeToo movement, multiple allegations have been made against Vairamuthu. Chinmayi had publicly alleged that he made her feel uncomfortable at least on two occasions. She was even told “her career will be over” should she refuse to “cooperate”. Her story led to a series of allegations against Vairamuthu.