Home News #Metoo: Kabali actor Vijay John accused of sexual misconduct

#Metoo: Kabali actor Vijay John accused of sexual misconduct

VJ Sriranjani, who is now hosting a comedy shot in a popular television, has come out with her #MeToo experince with actor John Vijay, who was accused by an unknown person last week. Sriranjani, who is married to television actor Amit Bhargav, has shared the incident that happened in 2014.

She claims that Vijay called her up in the middle of the night almost a month after the two had filmed a fun interview together in 2014. Vijay allegedly pursued the conversation even after Sriranjani told him she would call him the next day. As per her account, it was obvious that he was “hinting at the possibility of phone s*x”.

I’ve heard him say first hand that when was shooting for Kabali in Malaysia, he’d ask girls for kisses in a funny, casual way when they came for selfies. Girls like a sense of humor but not when it comes to such thing,” concluded Sriranjani. (sic)