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Mass Movie Review: Suriya all the way

Directed by: Venkat Prabhu
Produced by: K. E. Gnanavel Raja
Music by: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: RD Rajasekhar
Edited by: Praveen K L

Starring: Suriya, Nayanthara, Parthiban, Samuthirakani, Pranitha, Premgi Amaren

The story is altogether different away from the usual genre of films. A cheater who cheats people is cheated by ghosts. And this conman does not know who these ghosts are. That’s the twist here. The story is well woven into a murder mystery with elements of comedy and horror blended into it with perfect one-liners that makes the theater burst into an instantaneous laughter.

As for the story, Suriya is a smalltime conman with free-for-all attitude towards life. He is followed by three ghosts who irritate Suriya. When Suriya is seen talking to these ghosts, his friends and people around him think that Suriya has gone mad, because the ghosts are only seen by Suriya and invisible to other people. Suriya then learns that these ghosts have an unfulfilled wish and they want Suriya to pitch in and fulfill that wish for them. How Suriya fulfills their wish and how Suriya finds out who the ghosts are.

Suriya plays dual roles in Masss; one a cheater and the other a Tamil Eelam. His electrifying performance in the both the roles have won critical applause from the Masss audiences and as well as the movie pundits. His one-liners and his slang of a Sri Lankan Tamil have the perfect sense of timing which became an instantaneous hit with the audiences. Nayanthara and Pranitha have justified their presence giving their best.

No scary scenes, Comedy scenes between Suriya and the ghosts are perfectly timed tickling ones ribs to no end. In the end, you are sure to leave the theater with happiness writ large on your face and feeling an urge to watch again and again. Venkat Prabhu did an excellent job weaving twists and turns of unpredictable nature.

Yuvan Shankar’s music is not up to the mark. The magic of Yuvan failed Suriya and Venkat Prabhu. Graphics too are not up to the mark.

Masss makes you sit on the razor’s edge. A beautiful film with unexplored genre of storyline with unpredictable twists and turns. You will feel like watching again and again.

Rating: 3/5