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Kodi Movie Review: Dhanush rocks in a dual role (Rating: ★★★★)

Dhanush's Kodi has opened to fairly positive reviews. The performance of the lead actors backed by mass elements has impressed the viewers.

Kodi, which released on Diwali, seems to be everything the Tamil audience wants for this festive season. The political thriller set in a rural backdrop has Dhanush in a double role for the first time in his career. On the other hand, Trisha’s feisty woman role with political ambition adds to the film’s narration.

A young politician finds himself in a position where he has to contest against his girlfriend, who is ambitious. Circumstances force his look-alike twin to also get involved in this political battle. Kodi and Anbu are twins, who are the sons of a dedicated political party worker (Karunas). While former is interested in politics despite facing severe opposition from his mother (Saranya), the latter is a lecture in a college.

On the other hand, we have Rudra (Trisha), an ambitious girl, like Kodi, who desires to make it big in politics. She is willing to go to any extent to fulfil her dreams. The film takes an interesting turn when the hero and the heroine are pitted against each other in a by-election. The surprising part of the story is that they are secretly in love! What follows next should be seen on-screen.

The drama gets even more interesting when Rudhra is forced to sacrifice her MLA seat to Kodi’s brother Anbu. After winning the bypoll elections, Anbu totally changes that he acts opposite to Rudhra’s wish and he also makes intelligent moves to find the murderer of his brother. From there the cat and mouse game begins… The first half of Kodi travels like an usual commercial entertainer but slowly the film turns into a classy political thriller, especially in the second half.

Rarely do we see a heroine have a meaty role and here Trisha gets that long awaited opportunity. The actor plots silently and is the face of calm even in the most tense moments. It’s that rare performance that is calculated, effective and one of her career best.


  • The real surprise in Kodi is how the director manages to makes this plot feel gritty within the boundaries of commercial cinema.
  • Dhanush’s double role is the major highlight in the film and he is convincing in both the roles.
  • Santhosh Narayanan’s music
  • Cinematography by Venkatesh is perfect
  • Vettu Pottu and Sirukku Vaasam Songs

Kodi is purely a mass film in which Dhanush has excelled in dual roles. His performance in two characters undoubetedly remains the major highlight of the film. Trisha will be seen in a bold role and Anupama has done justice to her limited role. Technically, Santhosh Narayanan’s music takes the quality of the film to the next level. Well, the film has its own share of drawbacks. Major among them is poorly written scenes at parts.

RATING: Mass+Class= Master class 4/5
1st day box office prediction: 7.2 Crores