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DID YOU KNOW: Sridevi demanded 8 Cr, 5 plane tickets and shares from Baahubali

Director Rajamouli recently revealed why they opted out to pick Sridevi. Of course, long back there was buzz that she demanded a whopping 5 crores to play Sivagami and that’s why they opted for Ramya Krishna. The fact is that Sridevi’s demands are not just over-the-board but also quite unethical.

“Sridevi asked for 8 crores. Apart from that, she wants five business class tickets whenever she has to fly to Hyderabad and fly back. And five business suites should be booked at the biggest hotel in Hyderabad for her entourage during their stay. We thought we would bargain on this, but there is another shocker. She wants a share in Hindi version of the film. We thought it’s pointless to demand and hence opted out. But in the end, our decision got right”, said Rajamouli, about casting Ramya Krishna and pushing Sridevi out.

Sridevi’s Demands:

  • Rs 8 crore Remuneration
  • 5 Business Class Tickets whenever they travel between Hyderabad & Mumbai or any other city for the shoot.
  • An entire floor to be booked for her Family in the best hotel whenever she might be shooting.
  • Share in Profits

A similar thing happened with Vijay’s “Puli” makers as well and they agreed to all of her demands. Later Sridevi lodged a legal case on the makers for not giving a share in Hindi version. Anyway, this demand sounds way too much.