Home News Kabali & Kaala director Pa.Ranjith to make Bollywood debut

Kabali & Kaala director Pa.Ranjith to make Bollywood debut

Kabali and Kaala fame director Pa Ranjith is set to enter the Hindi film industry with a period film on Birsa Munda, a tribal freedom fighter and religious leader. The story is centered around the tribal uprising in the British era during the latter half of the 19th century. Gopi Nainar also announced a film on Birsa Munda last month. But that did not create the kind of buzz Ranjith’s announcement made. It’s a golden period kollywood introduced dalit intellectuals like Vetrimaran, Pa.ranjith, Gopi.Nainar and Mari. Selvaraj simultaneously where it has been dominated by upper caste individuals so far. Here’s the tweet by PRO Kumaresan confirming the news of Pa Ranjith’s Bollywood entry:

Birsa Munda was born in 1875, and the tribal leader from Jharkand the land of natural resources fought for the rights of his tribe and their land. There was a huge famine in British India during the 1890s. In the year 1894, he started a revolt against the British government to remove the tax arrears for plantations by farmers. This was said to be the first revolt by tribes for their rights in India. Once he gathered a mass from tribal youths to fight with weapons, he formed guerilla troops to fight for the rights of tribal farmers.