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I did not attack Rajinikanth, says Kamal Haasan

Ulaga Nayagan actor Kamal Haasan, who recently launched his political party, said he will not make personal attacks on Rajinikanth but would only criticize the policies of his party if there is disagreement.

“I will not take on Rajinikanth as a person, far from it; there are several parties here that personalize their attacks on him. But after Rajinikanth formed a political party and makes known its policies and programmes, if we have any differences on those issues, then our criticism too will be unsparing on issues; our appreciation too would be issue-based and open-hearted,” Kamal Haasan said in a television interview.

Prior to the interview, he spoke to the reporters in Coimbatore who asked him about Rajinikanth’s silence over Cauvery issue. “He has not spoken about many other issues. So, it is unfair to single out one issue,” he said, defending his long-time friend.

Rajinikanth has been often targeted by a section of people in the film industry for his roots in Karnataka. Now, in politics, many feel he was unfit to rule Tamil Nadu as he is not a Tamilian by birth.