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nee enge en anbe movie review

Nayanathara’s ‘Anaamika’ is releasing today across the world in Telugu and Tamil. The movie has been directed by Shekhar Kammula, who is known for making strong story based movies. Viacom 18 and Logline Productions produced the movie, with music from Keeravani.

Anaamika (Nayanathara) comes to India from Gettysburg USA, in search of her missing husband Ajay (Harshavardhan Rane). She reaches the Old City area in Hyderabad and starts looking around for her husband in the Galaxy Hotel area, where he was last seen. She also files a complaint with the local police station. As an NRI and a single woman, she is quite fed up with the attitude of the police officers who refuse to take her seriously. However, one man comes to her rescue and that is Inspector Sarathy (Vaibhav Reddy). They begin searching for her missing husband but very soon, big forces come into play. The Home Minister (Naresh) gets involved in the matter and he tasks Officer Khan (Pasupathy) with the recovery of a hard disk that is central to the mystery. The lives of Sarathy and Anaamika are in danger, as ruthless people try to protect a dark secret. How Anaamika gets to the bottom of the mystery and solves her problems is what this story is all about.

Nayanathara is simple and effective as Anaamika. She has portrayed various emotions convincingly. She has pulled off two extremely contrasting emotions of fear and revenge quite well. Vaibhav is good as the sympathetic police inspector. Harshavardhan Rane has a brief role and he has done well. Pasupathy and Naresh do their bit in small but important roles.

Technical Aspects
Cinematography is very good and is in keeping with the mood of the film. Shekhar Kammula has revealed in an interview that we intentionally went for harsh lighting etc for this movie. Editing is very good in the second half, but could have been better in the first half. We have already spoken about the brilliance of Mr. Keeravani Shekhar Kammula is a talented director and he redeems himself with a very good second half. His strength lies in showcasing various human emotions in a very sensitive manner and even in a suspense thriller, he has managed to do that. He should have taken better care about the first half though.

Ennamo nadakuthu movie review

Ennamo Nadakudhu is a thriller film starring Vijay Vasanth and Mahima Nambiar. This film is directed by a newcomer Rajapandi.

Vijay Vasanth is back in action as a solo hero, after a long time. Mahima essays the role of a nurse and Vijay falls in love with her. Mahima is struck with a problem and Vijay helps her by borrowing money from a big shot. Rahman plays the role of a politician and Prabhu portrays the role of a businessman in the film. Following certain event, Vijay is struck between Prabhu and Rahman, two of the most powerful men. Will he manage to solve Mahima’s problem? Will he escape from these big shots? Well, watch the film to know the answers.

Vijay Vasanth’s acting is at its best and has delivered his role to perfection. The screenplay is super fast and keeps the viewers engrossed in the film. Editing by Praveen and Srikanth compliments the script. The fast cuts and racy screenplay will have the viewers glued to their seats throughout the film. Premgi Amarean excels with the background score which is an added advantage. Rajapandi’s attention to minute details has helped to maintain the thrill factor in the movie.

Vaayai Moodi Pesavum Review

Vaaiyai Moodi Pesavum is easily one of the most anticipated movies of the year because of its star cast. Directed by Balaji Mohan, who shot to fame with Kaadhalil Sodhapuvadhu Epdi, Vaaiyai Moodi Pesavum is a romantic comedy with a different concept.

The story starts at Panimalai where Aravind (Dulquer Salman) is a sales representative with an ambition to become an RJ for Orange Radio Station. He has good oratorical skills and knows the art of convincing people just by talking. He insists that all problems will be solved by talking. His character is etched in such a way that he runs around solving problems where ever he goes. Anjana played by Nazriya Nazim is totally opposite to Dulquer and strongly believes in the fact that talking leads to many problems. Anjana is an unhappy girl because she couldn’t accept Vidhya (Madhoo) as her step mother.

One fine day, Orange FM hosts a special show featuring RJ Balaji where he coughs repeatedly and loses his voice. Later, after investigation about this disease, doctors claim that it is ‘Dumb Flu’ which affects the vocal cord. The doctors are clueless about the new disease and expect it to be contagious and severe threat to the hill station. Aravind who catches the flu comes to Anjana on a frequent basis for getting himself injected. Aravind is impressed by Anjana who is in a relationship with a possessive and a dominant boyfriend. How does the flu affect Panimalai? Will Aravind and Anjana join hands together? Catch Vaaiyai Moodi Pesavum on theatres.

The screenplay of the story is refreshing and Balaji Mohan’s concept needs a special mention. The film has an ensemble cast that fits the story perfectly. Dulquer Salmaan has entered into the industry with a stellar performance. Nazriya fits the role perfectly and Madhoo as a modern and traditional mother has delivered her character with ease. Pandiarajan, Robo Shankar, Ramesh and John Vijay’s comic sequences needs special mention. Seal Roldan’s versatile background score keeps the film going at different points. Cinematographer Soundar Rajan had managed to bring out picturesque locations which are pleasing to the eyes. Abhinav’s perfect cuts are an added plus to the film.

ennamo etho movie review

Director Ravi Thiyagarajan makes a safe debut with ‘Yennamo Yetho’, which is a remake of Telugu hit ‘Ala Modalaindi’. Though he is wise enough in choosing the right product, Ravi seems to have missed the bus in recreating the magic, at least in most parts.

The story is about Gautham (Gautham Karthik), a television journalist, who attends the wedding of his ex-girlfriend. At the marriage, he meets Nitya (Rakulpreet Singh), whose ex-boyfriend the bridegroom of Gautham’s former lover. Both Gautham and Nitya develop a liking for each other. However, when they decide to express themselves, fate intervenes and troubles are in store.

Gautham Karthik is one hyperactive guy, reminding his father Karthik in many a scene. Rakulpreet Singh is beautiful and performs well too. Prabhu, Azhagamperumal and others are there in the cast. D Imman has come out with trendy songs (Anirudh and Shruthi have lent their voices). Cinematography and editing departments are reasonable.

On the whole, ‘Yennamo Yetho’ provides funny moments in the first half and becomes dry as it progresses into the second half, As a result, ‘Yennamo Yetho’ fails to strike a chord with the audience, making them feel alien while watching the film.

Starring : Ramakrishnan, Athmiya, Karunya, Jayaprakash
Director : MA Ramakrishnan
Producer : KR Kannan
Music Director : Kannan

As tacky as the title sounds, Pongadi Neengalum Unga Kadhalum comes with a social message against rape. Directed by M.A. Ramakrishnan, this film has Ramakrishnan, Aathmiya and Kaarunya in the lead roles. Senraayan of Moodar Koodam fame, Jayaprakash, Imman Annachi and Swaminathan will be seen in supporting roles. The cinematography is handled by M.V. Paneer Selvam while editing is done by Vasanth Iyyapan. Kannan has scored the tunes for the film. Pongadi Neengalum Unga Kadhalum is produced by K.R. Kannan under the Reach Dream Media banner.

Ramakrishnan, a thief, who steals for a living. Ramakrishnan has been brought up in such a way that he even steals from the poor. Pulli, (Senrayaan) is Ramakrishnan’s sidekick in the film. One fine day, both Senraayan and Ramakrishnan plan a burglary at Ramee Mall. While running away from the spot, Ramakrishnan meets Divya (Aathmiya). One fine day Divya comes to Ramakrishnan saying that she loves him. But, Ramakrishnan does not have an affinity towards love. After several instances, Ramakrishnan tries to understand Divya’s love and reciprocates it. Before the intermission block, Divya meets a mentally challenged guy in a hospital and cries her heart out saying that she loves him. Jayaprakash who plays a police commissioner looks forward to catch hold of those men who raped his daughter resulting in her death. Who is the mentally challenged guy? Is Divya cheating Ramakrishnan? What has it got to do with the commissioner’s daughter’s rape? Watch the movie to know the answers to these questions.

Ramakrishnan’s acting has improved by eons and his role is etched perfectly. Aathmiya’s revenge seeking role has been played perfectly and is an added advantage to the film. The suspense of why Divya is cheating Ramakrishnan has been maintained well throughout the film. Senraayan has pulled out a stellar performance after Moodar Koodam. Jayaprakash’s role and performance as a helpless father and a strict commissioner has been well done. Imman and Swaminathan’s comic sequences do not fail to tickle the funny bone. The racy screenplay keeps us engrossed in the movie until the end. Cinematography and editing by Paneer Selvam and Vasanth complements the script.

tenaliraman MOVIE review

Actor Vadivelu has been out of cinema for over two years and is making a grand comeback through the AGS Entertainment production – Tenaliraman!

The movie opens to Maamannar (Vadivelu as a king) ruling over his kingdom along with his nine ministers, whom he claims to be the nine jewels of his court. The most interesting aspect is that the Maamannar has a rather large family including 36 wives and 52 children. One fine day, along comes Tenaliraman (Vadivelu as a common man) to the court of the king. After a display of his all-round talents (singing, dancing, extremely sharp wit and amazing sense of humour), Tenaliraman impresses the king very much and becomes a very integral part of the king’s court and an even closer adviser than the ones who were already there.

However, there is a courtier (Radha Ravi), who wishes to overthrow the king and gather power for himself. Meanwhile, the Chinese also arrive at the kingdom and wish to do trade with the people of the kingdom. With all these things happening around, there is a sinister plot being woven in the background and a lovely but potentially dangerous romance is also brewing. What is the sinister plot? Why is the love dangerous? What are the issues that Maamannar faces? Will Tenaliraman be able to get a solution to all problems? Catch the clever Tenaliraman on the big screens to know.

Director Yuvaraj Dhayalan of Potta Potti fame returns to Kollywood after quite some time, with this movie. He has woven his script around the amazing talent that is Vadivelu, and his capabilities. The movie moves at a fair clip and has heavy doses of humour with the common take on a number of social issues. The director and the technical team have worked hard to ensure that the period feel has been taken care of in all the scenes.

However, the way the contemporary social issues have been woven into that specific period has to be applauded. Vadivelu is the show-stealer and proves that he is well and truly back in the game, with his performances. The differentiation that he gives to both his roles, works very well. The debutante Meenakshi Dixit is quite an appealing star and has also shown that she is more than just a pretty face and given a good performance. D. Imman’s music, especially the ‘Aanazhagu’ song has come out well.

The motley mix of veteran stars, including Manobala, Radha Ravi, GM Kumar, Mansoor Ali Khan, Bala Singh, Joe Malloori, Shanmugarajan and others are major plus points for the movie. Ramnath Shetty’s editing is commendable and the visuals are wonderfully captured. The CG effects play a major role in the movie, and have been perfectly done.

Damaal Dumeel Review

Produced by Cameo Films and distributed by Abi TCS, Damaal Dumeel is director Shree’s maiden venture, starring Vaibhav, Remya Nambeesan, Kota Srinivasa Rao and Sayaji Shinde in important roles.

Moneykandan (Vaibhav) is a very successful IT company employee who has everything going for him in life. A high salary, a beautiful girlfriend, a loving mother (though widowed) and a caring sister. Moneykandan’s mother and sister live a peaceful life in the village, and there’s a suitable alliance materialising for the young lady. Moneykandan believes a lot in numerology and that is why he writes his name so differently. Fate decides to play with Moneykandan and he loses his job when his company downsizes people. He now has to come up with the required money for his sister’s wedding. Fate throws him a lifeline when he finds a suitcase full of cash outside his door. All of a sudden, he is pursued by two different groups lead by two very unique and ruthless men. Whose cash is it? What does Moneykandan do with the money? Why are the two guys pursuing Moneykandan? How will all this affect Moneykandan’s life? Watch Damaal Dumeel on the big screens to know.

Debutant director Shree has come up with an action packed racy thriller, oozing with dark comedy. The screenplay has been worked on well, and keeps the viewers engrossed.

Vaibhav has essayed the role of Moneykandan very well and Remya as the ambitious girlfriend, impresses. Veterans Kota Srinivasa Rao and Sayaji Shinde take the cake with their outstanding performances. The comedy element is good, as is the social message that just keeps lurking round the corner. Thaman’s BGM plays a major role in keeping the viewer engrossed in the movie and veteran Usha Uthup’s number is just perfect and Remya impresses us with her voice yet again. The editor Paramesh Krishna, needs to be lauded for keeping the movie trim and within just two hours, thereby ensuring that there is no lag.

Director Thiru managed to increase the curiosity of the audience with the trailers of ‘Naan Sigappu Manithan’, as everyone wanted to know how the director would have handled a complex theme involving ‘Narcolepsy’, which is a strange sleeping disorder. The coming together of Vishal and Lakshmi Menon, and the lip-lock controversy at the last moment, everything added to the buzz level. Has the movie managed to deliver? Read on.

Indran (Vishal) suffers from ‘Narcolepsy’, which means he would sleep off as soon as he goes through any extreme emotion. In spite of this rare disorder, he has 10 wishes which he wants to be fulfilled in his life and one of them is to be in love. Meera (Lakshmi Menon) enters the arena to fulfil that wish and everything goes smooth, until an unfortunate incident puts their lives into deep trouble. Indran wants to take revenge on people who are responsible for it. Will he be able to do it in spite of his disorder?

Vishal has carried on his great work from his last film ‘Pandiya Nadu’. He has put in strenuous efforts to get into the shoes of a narcoleptic patient and he has complete command over the first half of the film. He shines in the scenes when he showcases his pain and also during the climax. Vishal has yet again proved he can ace in demanding roles. For Lakshmi Menon, this film has given a complete makeover and she looks stunning in the city background too. This film should help her bag some different roles apart from the usual semi-urban ones.

Saranya plays Vishal’s mom and Jayaprakash plays Lakshmi Menon’s dad, the roles which they can do convincingly on any given day. Jegan and Sunder Ramu as Vishal’s friends fit the bill. However, one might think that the second half was too intense for Sunder Ramu to handle. Iniya has done a fair job in her bold role.

GV Prakash’s songs haven’t been placed like one would have actually wanted to see them in the film. Although the album has few good melodies, many of them pop up out of nowhere, especially the songs in the second half hamper the movie’s flow big time. Richard M Nathan’s camera work is swift, according to the need of the script. He has made sure the mood is tense throughout the film, with interesting close-up shots of Vishal. Editor Ruben’s work is sharp and taut in the first half, while the second half needed some trimming.

Direction – Thiru
Very similar to his previous movie, Thiru has built up the first half of the film brilliantly. The way the premise is set up and the narcoleptic terms are explained deserves applause. For instance, one of the wishes for Vishal is ‘To walk alone in the road’, which might be very simple for a common man, but not for a narcoleptic patient. Also, the love portions are interestingly shot, in spite of few glamorous scenes. However, the scene that leads to the intermission is very disturbing, which might make family audience uncomfortable.

Even in the second half, the initial scenes showing how Vishal prepares himself to take revenge appeal to the audience. On the flip side, a shocking twist in the second half looks very dark and disturbing. There are few intimate scenes and crass dialogues which could have been dealt in a better manner. If the director had come up with a better twist/screenplay for the second half, the movie would have been a more entertaining watch.

Director Chimbu Devan has always come up with films that are satirical as well as entertaining. ‘Oru Kanniyum Moonu Kalavanigalum’ is an interesting film that tries to show how even one minute can change a person’s life completely. The movie did not have great expectations on it, which is quite surprising, but the low expectations on the film have made the film work with the audience better.

The movie starts off in heaven when Lord Shiva decides to prove how the fate of a person can change even in a minute’s difference. He chooses Tamil (Arulnithi) for his experiment, who wants to kidnap his lover Isabellah (Ashrita), as Isabellah is about to be married forcefully to another person. Malar (Bindu Madhavi) and Isakki (Bhagavathi Perumal) are also with Tamil, as Tamil would get Rs 30 lakh from the business rival of Isabellah’s father if they accomplish this task. Interestingly, three different stories are narrated based on the time when the story starts, each set 1 minute apart.

After Mouna Guru, this is Arulnithi’s best performance till date. He breezes through the film with his grounded performance and he has shown good variations in the 3 plots, particularly during the tea shop scenes. Bindu Madhavi gives good support to Arunithi and her tomboyish hairstyle suits her character, who is always on the run. Kudos to the director for taking care of minute things like this!

Bagavathi Perumal of ‘Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom’ fame cracks a joke even at most difficult situations. Most of them are harmless and funny enough for you to giggle. Ashrita has more of an extended cameo role and she scores in the few scenes with Arulnithi.

Natarajan Sekar’s background score is passable, while the song in the second half looks cinematic. SR Kathir’s camera work is functional and with limited locations and repetitive visuals, he has done his best in terms of keeping the visuals slick. For a movie like this, editor plays a very important role, as the visuals are time bound. Sharp cuts would have been the need for this screenplay to work and Raja Mohammed has done a fabulous job, barring the last story, which looks little contrived. Had the movie been about 2 hours of running time, it could have turned out to be even more engaging.

Direction – Chimbu Devan
If you have an eye for detailing in films, this film will surely impress you. For showing three plots that are set apart just one minute from each other, Chimbu Devan has done a tremendous job in differentiating the plots. A water melon seller is shown taking watermelons to cut in the first plot, she had cut few watermelons in the second, while her display is almost full in the third. Even the ants play a vital part in differentiating the one minute difference between the plots.

The first story is a sheer delight to watch for everyone, as suspense keeps on building throughout. The second plot helps the audience to appreciate the little nuances from the director like mentioned above. However, the third one looks more cliched as one could predict the climax. The movie may not work for everyone, who cannot appreciate tiny things in film-making.

Sivakarthikeyan has truly earned the admiration of general pubic and full house shows for ‘Maan Karate’ on Friday noon testify it. Similar to ‘Ethir Neechal’, ‘Maan Karate’ is also a story about how an underdog wins a prestigious title. However, execution wise, ‘Maan Karate’ leaves a lot to of loopholes. To start with, ‘Maan Karate’ means the art to escape from danger without attacking or possessing any trained skill.

The movie starts off interestingly as Sandy (Sathish) and his friends go for a trip to a forest, where they meet a sage. Sathish gets a newspaper that would be published 4 months later as a boon from the sage. Apparently, things start to happen according to the news published on the newspaper and the friends come to know that Peter (Sivakarthikeyan) will be winning a boxing competition and will be taking home Rs 2 crore. But, after their research, they find that Peter is not a boxer, but a jobless guy in Royapuram. However, they decide to make him a boxer and take the money. Meanwhile, Peter falls for Yazhini (Hansika) and this love angle too motivates Peter to win the competition. Meanwhile, another Peter (Vamsi Krishna), a deadly real boxer also enters the arena. All that is to be answered is – Which Peter will take home Rs 2 Crore?

Sivakarthikeyan is a bundle of energy throughout the film, but his mannerisms and body language get repetitive. He tries to project himself as a mass hero and the intro song proves just that. The lyrics of the intro song could set a wrong precedence to the youngsters.

Hansika has toned down well and looks prettier than ever. Her expressions in songs like ‘Un Vizhigalil’ and ‘Daling Dambakku’ are cute and adorable. However, her character could have been sketched properly. There is no reason why a girl like Yazhini would fall for a jobless guy in Royapuram. Vamsi Krishna looks convincing as a power-packed boxer, but gets over-board and loud at times. Sathish provides few one-lines that are hilarious, but few of them remind you of Santhanam.

Barring ‘Un Vizhigalil’ song, all the other tracks are peppy folk numbers. Anirudh’s songs keep the audience entertained somewhat, in the non-happening second half, but ‘Open the Tasmac’ is strictly aimed at front-benchers. Melody lovers might miss a track like ‘Idhazhin Oram’ and ‘Velicha Poove’ in this film.

Under Sukumar’s cinematography, the visuals shot at the forest are breathtaking, while the boxing sequences are convincing too. Sreekar Prasad’s editing scissors should have trimmed the second half, where the screenplay looks very static, everything building up to the inevitable and predictable climax. However, editor alone cannot be blamed with a screenplay that wanders a lot across 2 hours and 34 minutes.

Direction – Thirukumaran
The movie’s USP is touted to be the story which is penned by ace director AR Murugadoss. The movie starts off interestingly and promises to be an adventurous thriller, but only to unfold later as a cliched entertainer. Logic is nowhere to be seen in the film. Right from the start where the love blossoms between the lead pair to the climax, the viewers are taken for granted. It is baffling to understand how an untrained person can bring down a professional boxer, who has been a champion for 14 years.

On a positive note, the first half has few entertaining portions like Sivakarthikeyan’s mimicry scenes and ‘Thirukkural’ scenes, that might make you laugh in this otherwise illogical movie. One might even wonder if a sense of over-confidence has set in Sivakarthikeyan, who usually selects his script carefully. Or, have the makers decided to woo the audience with the screen presence of Sivakarthikeyan throughout? The movie does not fit into a particular genre as it tries to offer everything – love, comedy, supernatural experience and revenge. The movie could have worked better if more logic is instilled into the plot.