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Amidst much hype and anticipation, Sivakarthikeyan’s Kaaki Sattai has finally made it to the silver screen almost all over the world. This is the first time Siva is seen in a cop avatar and as an action hero.

Sivakarthikeyan is a cop alright, but no one considers him as a serious cop thanks to his boyish looks and child like attitude. He is just another police officer who reports to work, goes back home and doesn’t get any opportunities to contribute to the society. In an interesting turn of events, Sivakarthikeyan is eventually challenged to take his job seriously for once and thus Kaaki Sattai begins. Smuggling of human organs has been displayed in many movies before but what makes Kaaki Sattai unique is that Sivakarthikeyan tries to dig deep into the murky world of illegal organ donation when he’s actually not equipped with enough powers to do so.

Sivakarthikeyan’s journey takes him to many hospitals and he meets Sri Divya in one such hospital. He gets to know that some prominent personalities are involved in the illegal trading of human organs and he tries to put an end to the sufferings of innocent people. Will he be able to find success with very limited source forms the rest of the story. Performances: Veteran actor Prabhu has done an interesting role and he excels in that particular character. Sri Divya appears through out the first half but sadly disappears in the second. Sivakarthikeyan as an actor has come a long way and deserves a special mention. His acting in Kaaki Sattai is refined and he manages to keep his emotions as subtle as possible which works brilliantly in this yet another cop story.

Veteran actor Prabhu has done an interesting role and he excels in that particular character. Sri Divya appears through out the first half but sadly disappears in the second. Sivakarthikeyan as an actor has come a long way and deserves a special mention. His acting in Kaaki Sattai is refined and he manages to keep his emotions as subtle as possible which works brilliantly in this yet another cop story.

RS Durai Senthilkumar’s narration skills were proved in Ethir Neechal and he comes up with an entirely different narration style in Kaaki Sattai which fails to keep the audience hooked for most part of the movie. Screenplay is ordinary and lets the entire movie down. M Sukumar’s cinematography stands out as he has managed to make use of the colors brilliantly. His cinematography reflects the mood of each and every scene which is a huge plus point for Kaaki Sattai. Anirudh’s back ground score oozes with style and gives a rich feeling to the entire film. His music adds strength and quality to Kaaki Sattai.

Overall, “Kakki Sattai” is a decent masala mass entertainer and if you enjoy this genre, you can definitely hit the theatres and enjoy your time with this entertainer.

Red Giant movies is known for distributing movies with good content. Tamiluku En Ondrai Aluthavum(TEOA) is definitely one such movie. The film has its negative points, but the effort to narrate a fresh concept with the usual commercial inputs is laudable.

This film is about three stories which are intertwined beautifully. There is Bindu Madhavi who gets stuck in a dangerous situation but cannot call her boyfriend, played by Attakathi Dinesh for help. There is this taxi driver, played by Sathish whose taxi is used by terrorists to destroy the city by planting a bomb which will explode when the terrorist makes a phone call. And then there is this brainy tech savvy college drop out, played by Nakul who is jobless but makes a living by helping engineering students in their projects. A natural calamity occurs leading to a major network jam which snuffs out the much needed signal from each and every mobile phones in the city. Bindu Madhavi is helplessly stranded with a lifeless phone, the terrorists are trying to explode the bomb by making that all important phone call and Nakul tries hard to restore the signal to all mobile phones in the city. How these three stories are brought together in the end. Will Nakul succeed, will the bomb explode and will Bindu Madhavi be saved from a major disaster forms the crux of this comedy thriller.

The two performances which stands out in this film comes from Nakul and veteran actress Urvashi who plays his mother. Special mention goes to Urvashi who manages to both educate the audience with her scientific terms and tickles their funny bones with her terrific comic sense. Both Satish and Bindu Madhavi have done decent jobs but the performances of Aishwarya Dutta, who plays Nakul’s love interest and Attakathi Dinesh contributes to the negative points. Dinesh seems to be locked inside his Cuckoo character and fails to adapt to the role designed for this film.

Screenplay in the first half is sluggish and the movie picks up pace only just before the interval. It moves at a good pace in the second half but gets predictable at the end. Contradictingly, the film is narrated in an interesting way. Editing by VJ Sabu Joseph comes in handy when three stories have to be interlinked and is done in a proficient manner. However, one feels that some unconvincing love portions especially in the first half could’ve been taken out to give a racy thriller feel to Tamiluku En Ondrai Aluthavum. Background score by Thaman is commendable and director Ramprakash Rayappa has managed to impress with his fresh writing. Cinematography by Deepak Kumar Padhy is convincing enough.

Tamiluku En Ondrai Aluthavum could’ve easily been made into a racy thriller of high standards but the director has chosen to add commercial content which has backfired in parts.

Anegan is a romantic flick as promised and it couldn’t have found a better release date than February 13th as it has been released just before the Valentines day. Thanks to its perfect timing and amazing narration skills from KV Anand, the film might turn out to be Dhanush’s biggest opener ever.

Ashwin, played by Dhanush is a happy go lucky person who works in a private organization. His colleague, played by Amyra Dastur falls in love with him the moment she sees him. Not being able to understand how a good looking girl can fall in love with him so easily, Dhanush doesn’t consider her love seriously. Amyra Dastur, who tries to understand the reason behind her new found love for Dhanush realizes that her relationship with Dhanush goes a long way back. Not just in this life, but Dhanush somehow ends up being her lover in her previous lives too. Amyra also realizes that Dhanush is her soulmate and hence will always be her lover in all her lives that she has been gifted with.

Destiny plays the baddie in this film as it makes sure that Dhanush and Amyra never get a chance to lead a life together. Stories from their previous lives have been narrated in an interesting manner. What happens in each of their previous lives and most importantly what happens in their current life forms the rest of the story.

Dhanush once again excels in all his roles. As expected, he carries the entire film and has given his 100 percent in doing so. Amyra Dastur has done a decent job as a fresher and has managed to impress with her almost perfect lip-sync. Aishwarya Devan is another debutant in the film. She plays an interesting role and has done her job brilliantly. Yesteryear actor Karthik doesn’t have enough screen space which comes across as a surprise and yet he impresses with his charm. Ashish Vidyarthi has once again delivered the goods.

Thanks to the cinematographer Om Prakash and visual effects specialist Srinivas Mohan, visuals in this movie looks absolutely stunning. Even an ordinary scene has been given life in Anegan. Screenplay by KV Anand and Subha is a tad too revealing and confusing at times especially in the second half but KV Anand’s unique way of narrating a story makes up for the average screenplay. Editing by Anthony stands out and is one of the positives of Anegan. Songs and background score by Harris Jayaraj sounds clichéd at times. His sound mixing has worked really well and is apt with the visuals.

Anegan is a technically sound movie. Overall View: Anegan is definitely a brave attempt by KV Anand. The film has stunning visuals and extraordinary performances. On the flip side, logical loopholes and average screenplay prevents this movie from being a sensational one.

Touted to be Thala Ajith’s biggest release and amidst much hype created by fans, Yennai Arindhaal has finally hit the silver screen. Has Gautham Menon’s combination worked with Ajith? What does Yennai Arindhaal has to offer? Most importantly, what does the film has to offer for all Ajith fans? Does Trisha have a major role to play? Continue to read our review and know the answers yourself.

Yennai Arindhaal can be called as a biography of a man and is about the people he meets in his life. Sathyadev(Ajith), is a dedicated police officer who puts work ahead of his personal life. He also puts his own life on the line to make sure his jurisdiction stays clean and free from violence and illegal activities by taking up a dangerous job as an undercover cop.

The story is told in a flash back and the director narrates it in Thenmozhi’s(Anushka) point of view. The story begins with Thenmozhi falling in love with Sathyadev. When Thenmozhi meets Sathyadev at a restaurant, a group of unknown people led by Victor(Arun Vijay) attacks them. Ajith fights back but gets injured.

When Thenmozhi asks Sathyadev to explain what’s happening around them, the flashback begins and thus reveals the connection between Sathyadev and Victor which forms the crux of the story.

After Ajith earns respect as a police officer, his wife Hemanika(Trisha), is murdered by Ajith’s unknown enemies. Enemies he gains by being an honest cop. Ajith is then forced to set out on a mission and suddenly Yennai Arindhaal turns into a road film.

With beautiful moments from Ajith’s life told in flashbacks, where does the journey of the protagonist ends forms the rest of the story.

Yennai Arindhaal brings out Ajith’s best performance till date simply because his character is woven with lot of emotions and Thala doesn’t disappoint. He literally carries the entire film on his shoulders but most importantly Arun Vijay helps him to do so. Arun Vijay has brought out his best and we wouldn’t be surprised if most of you think that he is the unsung hero of Yennai Arindhaal.

Both the leading ladies have done a fair job. Though Trisha’s performance is neat(more like a cameo), Anushka’s portrayal of Thenmozhi gets a special mention. Baby Anikha’s performance is as natural as it can get. Vivek manages to evoke laughter but only in parts.

Anthony’s editing could’ve been way more crispier, as it turns out, the length of this movie is its biggest minus. Screenplay is slow especially in the first half and gets a touch irritating in the second half as well.

Harris Jayaraj’s background score is definitely a plus but gets too loud at times. Dan Macarthur’s cinematography is fresh and will provide a new experience to Tamil audience.

Though Yennai Arindhaal reminds us about Gautham’s previous movies especially the romance scene between Ajith and Trisha, Ajith and Arun Vijay’s performance saves the film and averts a major disaster.

After much anticipation, SJ Surya’s Isai has finally been released without much of a hype. The director turned actor has taken a new avatar in this movie by embracing a new role as that of a music director.

Sathyaraj is an established and an old fashioned music director in the industry. He is loved and respected for his works and is termed as the greatest musician of our times. SJ Surya who works as an assistant under Sathyaraj gets an opportunity to compose music for a small time film. When he seeks permission from Sathyaraj to go ahead with his first venture as a music director, Sathyaraj doesn’t oppose the idea as he wouldn’t have imagined even in his wildest dream that one day SJ Surya would surpass him in the musical world.

When Surya uses new techniques with the help of computer and softwares, his music gets the attention of all music lovers. Due to the freshness and modernity his music possesses, he gradually becomes the most sought after musician and finally overtakes Sathyaraj. SJ Surya becomes the number one musician and also builds his own studio. Meanwhile he falls in love with Sulagna Panigrahi(much before he becomes famous) and also marries her. When it seems everything he touches turns to gold, Sathyaraj displays his true colors. To get his glory back, Sathyaraj does whatever it takes to label SJ Surya unfit to compose music. Can SJ Surya bounce back despite his new and unwanted status forms the rest of the story.

All lead actors have done a fantastic job in this movie. They in fact hold together the entire movie which would’ve otherwise gone down as an ordinary film thanks to its predictable screenplay(in the first half). Supporting actors too have done what is required and have bailed Isai out of trouble.

Music is the soul of this movie which has been aptly named as Isai. SJ Surya has impressed with his songs and background score. In fact, his music doesn’t sound as if it has been composed by a new music director. Screenplay could’ve been much better as the movie gets predictable especially in the first half. But Kudos to the director as the second half will keep you hooked to Isai. Scripting a brave climax and executing it might be difficult for other directors but not for SJ Surya as he pulls off an unpredictable climax with ease. Cinematography by Soundararajan is once again impressive. Editing by KM Riyas comes across as a disappointment as this film would’ve been much better without a few unwanted scenes which drags this movie a little over 3 hours.

Isai is a brave attempt by SJ Surya. He is one director who can make a not-so-great story look brilliant on screen and Isai is definitely one of his finest work.

After postponing the movie several times, Vikram’s I has finally made it to the silver screen. Touted to be a technically brilliant movie, I was also one of the most expected Tamil film in recent times.

The opening shot depicts a hunchback(Vikram) who kidnaps Diya(Amy Jackson) and locks her up in an isolated place. The movie then narrates the story of Lingesan, played by Vikram, an aspiring body builder who strives to become Mr. Tamil Nadu to subsequently become Mr. India. When Lingesan gets an opportunity to meet Diya, a famous model he instantly falls for her but doesn’t express his love instead he introduces himself to Diya as her fan. Meanwhile, John(Upen Patel) who is Diya’s colleague, asks her for sexual favors. When Diya refuses, he blacklists her from the modelling industry by bringing in a new model. Without any other option, Diya approaches Lingesan and asks him to become a model in an attempt to replace John. Diya along with her superior convinces their boss(Ramkumar) to try a new model for their new product.

Lingesan(Lee) becomes an instant attraction in the modelling world but also accumulates unwanted enemies on the way to his stardom. There is John who is waiting for a vengeance, Ravi(body builder) who is pinned down by Lingesan in a body building competition, a transsexual make up artist whose ‘love’ is turned down by Lee and his boss who incurs huge loss because of Lee’s innocence. Gradually, Diya too falls for Lee and the two make plans for their future which promises to be ever so colorful. In an interesting twist, things go horribly wrong as all that colour and glitz are forcibly extracted from Vikram’s life. But not everything is lost for the antagonist, what he does to regain something similar to his lost dream forms the rest of the movie.

Vikram excels throughout the movie and his years of dedication just to make the movie that much more interesting is apparent. Amy Jackson’s performance is amateurish and one might feel that she should’ve done much more justice to her role, which is very much a part of the movie unlike many other Tamil movies. Suresh Gopi and Ramkumar’s acting skills are utilized well while Upen Patel could’ve showcased emotions far more realistically for the role demands it.

As disclosed earlier, I is a technically brilliant movie. While all VFX used are executed almost perfectly, Vikram’s stunt double used in the cycle fight sequence is a tad too revealing. PC Sreeram’s camera work supporting such graphics stands out and has an international appeal to it. AR Rahman’s background score will definitely add accolades to his never ending list of awards. His BGM stands out as it converts an usual scene into an interesting one. T Muthuraj as an art director might receive many awards for I in the near future. Anthony’s editing could’ve been way more crispier. Shankar’s screenplay is interesting as it is a new attempt. But he fails to make the first half gripping as the story he has chosen for one of the most expected movie is weak. Screenplay in the second half gets better but it also makes the audience to easily guess the remaining story. This movie also reminds you of Anniyan when the lead actor executes his punishment(revenge) in an unusual fashion.

For a movie which had so much of anticipation, I doesn’t feed its audience enough to fulfill their expectations. The story is plain and doesn’t look like a normal Shankar movie which would otherwise have interesting twists and turns.

We all know that RAJINIKANTH the name itself brings millions to theatres world wide and the India’s first Photo realisting technique experiment from his daughter Soundarya hits the screens.

Rana (Rajinikanth), the leader of warriors in Kalingapuri, cons the king and switches sides to Kottaipattinam with the warriors. It is later revealed that he did that to fulfil the promise of his dad Kochadaiyaan (Rajinikanth again). He also has a reason to take revenge on the king of Kottaipattinam Rishikodagan (Nassar). Will he succeed doing it? Watch the film to know the answer.

As the film is completely shot using motion capture technology, the entire film was shot inside a studio and all actions and reactions of the actors were captured by 48 cameras. Rajinikanth’s trademark mannerisms have been captured well to an extent and when he walks during the introduction song with SPB’s song in the background, you might just forget that you are watching an animated avatar of Superstar. If Rana character showcases a charming and energetic Rajinikanth, Kochadaiyaan character showcases the vintage Rajinikanth. The ‘Rudra Thandavam’ dance sequence is a sheer delight to watch. Rajinikanth’s magnetic voice is the biggest plus point of the film and the audience will go gaga over his punch-lines.

Deepika Padukone could have looked better, while Sarathkumar looked more like Sarath Babu. Kudos to the team for bringing in Nagesh, and it looks like a tribute to theveteran actor. Rukmini, Shobana, Aadhi and Jackie Shroff have short but vital roles, which they have done well.

Senior artist Nasser has been brought out almost perfectly in the animated form. He has a strong role in the film, but his characterization looks little dodgy towards the end.

The promos and trailers gave us a hint of what to expect the film. Made at a budget and time frame which cannot be compared with Hollywood films, one cannot expect themovie to be technically flawless. What works in favour of the movie is that the team has given maximum attention to replicate Rajinikanth’s style and mannerisms. For instance, in a scene, Rajinikanth shuffles an elephant toy between his hands. The particular scene reminds us of the Rajinikanth we have seen in the 1990s. On the flip side, certain nuances like eye ball movements and emotions are not convincingly conveyed via motion capture technology.

AR Rahman’s music increases the tempo of the film at critical junctures, especially during the ‘Rudra Thandavam’ and ‘Ship fight’ sequences. It is always not easy for a music director to complement the extra-ordinary animated visuals. But, AR Rahman has managed to do it with terrific orchestration. Rajiv Menon should be lauded for bringing out the close-up shots of Rajinikanth so authentically that sends fans into a frenzy mode. Editing by Anthony is crisp and with a running length of under 2 hours, the movie does not test your patience.

Screenplay and Direction
The movie’s screenplay is written by KS Ravikumar, who is known for super hit commercial entertainers, and it is surprising to see him come up with a period story. He
has made sure that the movie has enough twists to keep you engaged. The dialogues are crisp and truly in Rajinikanth’s style.Soundarya R Ashwin has made a brave decision by handling a new technology in her very first film. It is also a commendable attempt, as it is doubtful if the same story could have been made as a normal feature film. It is an honour for anyone to direct Rajinikanth, and Soundarya has gone a step further by creating an animated version of him, which will stand the test of time. The movie ended with a small twist, which might pave way for a sequel.

In spite of the fact that animation and motion capturing involved with Kochadaiyaan are no match to Hollywood standards, this is just the beginning in Tamil cinema and it is a good beginning. If this movie is the output of the first attempt at motion capture technology, we should take it happily.

+Starting 15 mins is a dont miss +Rajini intro is stunning
+Action sequences were absolute +Script work is terrifically done from K.S.Ravikumar
+Dialouges from Rajini make fans go crazy
• AR Rahman Music

– People who doesnt know much about the technology would not take this seriously
– Songs which comes without a reason irritates you
– Expressions and Emotional touches failed in capturing through this technology
– Dragging and Bored first half
– Huge amount of budget has been spent and quality misses which annoys the viewer
– Long runtime

Kochadaiiyaan is a experiment of Motion Capture technology with a historical back ground .. Technically makers should be appreciated for the attempt but they failed in quality issues .. This movie is no where near to the Hollywood Standards .. Watch it for Rajinikanth and ARR Music .. Try if you love to know about the technology else take it easy.

vallavanukku pullum aayutham movie review

Vallavanukku Pullum Aayyutham – a remake of the super hit Telugu movie Maryada Ramanna directed by SS Rajamouli, marks Comedy Superstar Santhanam’s maiden venture as a solo hero and actor Srinath’s debut as a director.

The movie opens to the beautiful village of Aravankadu, but the scene immediately turns gruesome as two people, wanting to settle a family feud, kill each other. Sakthi (Santhanam) goes to his native place for selling his ancestral property to make a living out of it, even after being warned that his life is at stake if he goes there. As it always happens in Tamil films, Sakthi meets Vaanathi (Ashna Zaveri) in train, who happens to be the daughter of the villain. What happens to Santhanam once he goes to his native place forms the rest of the story.

Santhanam has been the backbone for a number of movies turning hits with his comedy so far. This time around, he carries off the whole movie on his shoulders. His emoting and dancing have gone on to a different level altogether. Ashna Zaveri is very impressive as Vanathi and has delivered a very good performance. Nagineedu and Mirchi Senthil have also played very good roles and have performed very well.

Siddharth Vipin’s music is good and the ‘Takkaru Takkaru’ song is a perfect opening song for the hero. TR’s voice for the cycle is a good touch and the cameos by VTV Ganesh and Powerstar Dr. Srinivasan make for some good viewing. Director Srinath has chosen a proven script and stuck as much as possible to the original. The way the movie has been translated on screen is good.

Yaamirukka Bayamey Review

Yaamirukka Bayamey is a horror comedy movie directed by debutant Deekay. The star cast of the movie includes Kreshna of Kazhugu fame, Rupa Manjari, Oviya and Karunakaran in the lead roles.

Kreshna as Kiran essays the role of a TV anchor who sells booster medicines. Rupa Manjari plays Smita, the possessive girlfriend of Kiran. Kiran comes to know about a property in a hill station left by his father. The property is taken care by Karunakaran (Sharath) and his sister Saranya (Oviya). Sharath tells Kiran that his father’s aim was to run a hotel in that property. Both Kiran and Smita decide to turn the mansion into a resort and make a living out of it. They are joined by Sharath and Saranya. At first things seem to be looking up for the foursome, but when guests at the resort die mysteriously they realise that the mansion is not what it seems. And then the arrival of a mysterious person at the resort takes things to a completely different level. If you are already spooked, then you have to watch the movie to know more.

Kreshna and Karunakaran carry the entire story with their versatile performance. Rupa Manjari’s reactions are adequate and suitable to the story. Oviya steals the show with her seductive looks. Mayilswamy’s rib-tickling comic sequences needs a special mention. Yaamirukka Bayamey definitely does not seem like Deekay’s debut film. The first half of the film would make you think where these events lead to. But, the second half of the film offers a lot of chills and thrills which will make you glued to your seats. Sreekar’s crisp editing compliments the racy screenplay. Music by Prasad adds to perfect for the horror genre. All together, Yaamirukka Bayamey is altogether a different and successful attempt in bringing comedy and horror together on screen.

Idhuvum Kadanthu Pogum Review

Grief, the price we pay for love, has been shown wonderfully by Anil Krishnan & Srihari Prabaharan in their short film Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum. The movie cast comprises of Shivaji Dev, Ravi Raghavendar, Shilpa Bhat, Berkin Johns, Anjali Upasana, Anusha Varma and produced by AVM studios. The background score and music is composed by Umashankar.

The movie takes you on a journey with Gowtham (Shivaji Dev) as he learns about his girlfriend Ramya’s (Shilpa Bhat) death and deals with his grief and loss. The movie gives a realistic portrayal about the stages an individual goes through after losing someone and how he learns to move on. Ravi Raghavendar deserves a special mention for his role as Gowtham’s father for portraying a worried father as he watches his son spin out of control.

The actors were brilliant in their performances and they story keeps you engaging throughout the movie. The music and the background score sets a pleasant tone for this movie as it beautifully brings out the emotions in each scene. Overall, this is an amazing movie that won’t leave you disappointed.