In just 9 days, people all around the world will welcome in the New Year 2017, with the hope of a brighter, peaceful and prosperous year. 2016 has been a rather eventful year for the Tamil film industry with some experiencing their highest highs while others pulling through their lowest lows. In many ways, Kollywood has become a prominent part of Indian and international cinema. So here is a look at the moments that made Tamil cinema proud and others which were mired in controversies.

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Jayalalitha was born on 24 February 1948. Her father was a lawyer who died when she was only two years old...

Jayaram Jayalalitha, who died in the city of Chennai on Monday night, was one of India’s most influential and controversial politicians. One of India’s most successful actresses, her political career was marked by allegations of self-enrichment to fund an extravagant lifestyle.

Her admirers say she played a key role in the economic development of the southern state of Tamil Nadu – but critics say she encouraged a personality cult and fostered corruption in the state.

The lady with power and charisma is Jayalalitha Jayaram, who has loyal followers that only a few countable political celebrities in India possess. Even so, there are a few lesser-known elements in her life that you probably didn’t know (in the times when she was known as Jayalalitha). Here are ten.

1. Real Name
Born on February 24, 1948, in a family that served King Jayachamarajendra Wodeyar of Mysore, she was named Komalavalli at birth.

2. Forced into Movie
She lost her father when she was just two, and her mother started working in films to support the family. She was forced to join the Tamil Films by her actress mother Sandhya (Real Name-Vedavathi).

3. First Movie
Jayalalithaa’s first film was an English language film titled Epistle, which released in 1961 when she was only 13. And rated ‘Adults only’, but the irony is she could not watch her own debut movie in theaters because she was not an adult!

4. Excellent Dancer & Singer
Jayalalitha was trained in Bharat Natyam, but was equally proficient in Mohiniaattam, Kathak and Manipuri. She learnt Carnatic music and sang several songs in her own films, such as Amma Endraal Anbu in Adimai Penn (1969), Naan Endral Athu Naanum Avalum in Suryakanthi (1973) with S P Balasubrahmanyam, and Chithira Mandapathil in Anbai Thedi (1974) along with T M Soundararajan.

5. Tamil Debut
Jayalalitha made her debut in Tamil cinema with the film, Vennira Aadai, in which she played the role of a schizophrenic widow.

6. Hindi Debut
Jayalalitha made her Hindi film debut in 1968 with a film titled Izzat starring Dharmendra and Tanuja. She plays a spunky Adivasi belle, Jhumki, in love with Dharmendra, who is far above her socially. Her feisty role in the film earned her much appreciation and also showcased her dancing talent.

7. The Last Movie
It is Nadhiyai Thedi Vandha Kadal, which released in 1980, that is considered her last film as a full-fledged actor. In 1992, when Jayalalitha was the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, she made a brief appearance in a film titled Neenga Nalla Irukkanum, in which she portrayed herself and was seen crusading for total prohibition in the State.

8. First Love
During her movie career, she fell in love with already married actor Shoban Babu. She was caught watching him through binoculars from her residence. Great love it was, but she never got married.

9. Record Holder
Jayalalitha holds the record for having been the Tamil actress with maximum silver jubilee hits in her career – 80 hits of 85 Tamil films and in addition, she also has all 28 films in Telugu as silver jubilee hits.

10. Helping Hand
Jayalalitha financially helped a young gardener to pursue his studies in a reputed Engineering college in Madurai with specification in Computer Science. Today, he is working for Amazon.

Did you know that Kamal Haasan was going to play the villain in Enthiran 2.0?

Kamal Haasan was offered the villain’s role opposite Rajinikanth in the sequel to Enthiran but he refused to consider the offer.

“There was no question of taking up the part. I wouldn’t have been part of this film under any circumstance and it’s got nothing to do with the role being a negative one. I have played negative roles many times before. Besides, a big star (Akshay Kumar) is playing the part now,” says Kamal Haasan.

The reason why Kamal said no to Enthiran 2 had nothing to do the film or the role. The Vishwaroopam actor explains, “Rajini and I have a pact that, whenever we do another film together, it would have to be produced by either me or him. It’s the only way to ensure we do not displease our fans.

Now you know why Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth do not do a lot of films together.

As we all knew, the first look launch was to be out at Yashraj studio at 5pm. Ever since the buzz has been huge! It was evening to remember with many shocking revelations by Amy Jackson, Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar and even salman Khan. Yes, even Salman Khan was at the launch! He wasn’t invited, he actually came because he heard Rajinikanth was going to be there. So what did Akshay Kumar, Rajinikanth and director Shankar reveal? Get ready for some whopping surprises!

1. Akshay Kumar on Rajinikanth
Rajinikanth is not a superstar, he is the galaxy. He has a lot of swag.

2. Shankar on 2.0 and Baahubali
I am eagerly waiting for Baahubali 2. There should be more good movies not just these two.

3. Rajiniaknth on Akshay Kumar
In this film Rajinikanth is not the hero. Akshay Kumar is the hero.

4. Akshay Kumar on the make up
I have never put on make up in 25 years. But in this film I have done makeup of 25 years. It took 3 hours to put it on…and 1 hour to remove it. My patience level has increased.

5. Salman was at the launch too
I wasn’t invited. I got to know Rajinikanth was going to be here and I just came.

6. Will be a sequel to 2.0
I definitely believe something will come up in my mind for 3.0 4.0 5.0.

7. Srinivas Mohan the man behind the VFX
It’s much bigger than all my other films like Robot and Baahubali.

8. AR Rahman on working with director Shankar
This is the toughest film I am doing became Shankar doesn’t like anything. He liked the teaser music.

9. Director Shankar on 2.0
It’s ten times difficult than part 1. Part 1 was like climbing Everest. But I did it step by step. This time it’s like having the Everest in my shoulder and climbing the Everest step by step.

The first look will be unveiled at a grand Launch in Mumbai on November 20. The event will also be streamed live. From what we know, the teaser will also be unveiled on the same day. So are you ready? Well, the countdown has begun! we are down to the wire. Only 3 days to go for Rajinikanth’s 2.0 first look.

There is going to be crazy speculation on what the first look teaser will be like – Is it going to be just of Rajinikanth? Or will see a glimpse of Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar? This time, will Rajinikanth’s look be any different from the previous sci-fi movie Enthiran? So while we speculate like crazy, here’s all you need to about this sci-fi film.

1. Shankar
Enthiran 2.0 is being called the sequel to Rajinikanth’s Enthiran, but it’s actually an independent film. While those who have watched Enthiran will be able to relate to it more.

2. Rajinikanth in triple roles
Rajinikanth will reportedly play a triple role in this movie, He will return as Dr Vaseegaran, Chitti the robot and there will be another evil character. All three will be played by the superstar.

3. Bollywood biggie Akshay Kumar
Another big deal about this movie is the baddie, it’s being played by Bollywood biggie Akshay Kumar. He plays Dr. Richards turns into a crow as a result of a wrong experiment. This film will also mark his Tamil debut. Can you imagine, in your first film, you get to have a face off with Rajinikanth?

4. Amy Jackson
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan won’t be part of this film. This time, Amy Jackson has been roped in to play the female lead.

5. Only one song
There are reports stating, this movie will only have one song. Here’s what source revealed to IANS – “There is only one song in the film and the makers have already shot it. However, the album will feature five or six songs,” The song reportedly is a duet, and has been shot across exotic locations in Ukraine. It will feature Amy Jackson and Rajinikanth.

6. Mind-blowing action sequences
In this movie, get ready to witness action sequences of international standard. Here’s what Oscar winning sound engineer Resul Pookutty had to say – “Technically, the action in ‘2.0’ is a high level of achievement. I went to the set and what I saw was amazing. I’ve gone through the narration and the previews. Next year most of my time will be invested in creating ‘2.0’,”

Rajinikanth, Kamal Kaasan, Vijay, Ajith, Suriya, Vikram, Dhanush or Simbu – who is the best?

As we all know that Superstar Rajinikanth’s Kabali has recently broke all records – but does he deserve to be recognised as the best actor of the past decade? It’s up to you to decide!

Below, we’ve put together a list of the actors who have garnered the most votes since the Kollyspy first came into existence and we want you to vote for your favourite.

So, there are 8 fantastic actors to choose from – but only one can prevail. Who are you going to plump for?

Top six opening day collections at the Chennai city box office of 2016 are mentioned below. Please note that these are not the official figures but only estimated.

1. Kabali – 1.03 crs
2. Theri – 1.01 crs
3. AYM – 65 lakhs
4. Remo – 63 lakhs
5. 24 – 60 lakhs
6. Iru Mugan – 58 lakhs

Stay tuned for more box office reports!

When the sensational news of Kalmal Haasan and Gauthami separation came out, naturally the reason behind their separation would become the talk in the media.

The couple have started living together since 2005 after Kamal Haasan had separated from his wife Sarika, mother of his two daughters.

The reason for his separation with Sarika is also unknown and the duo is in the habit of greeting each other on special occasions as well as when they happen to meet.

Gauthami was married to a businessman named Sandeep Bhatia in 1998 and gave birth to Subbalakshmi in 1999. On the same year their relationship had ended in a divorce.

Kamal Haasan and Gauthami had never got married, as they do not believe in the institution of marriage.

Shruti Haasan’s relationship with Gauthami

Once when media person asked about Shruti calling Gauthami as Mom, Shruthi replied that, “Why should I call her mom? I have a mother and she is Sarika. My mother everything to me more than a friend to me.”

She added that, her father is a very important part in her universe and if he finds happiness with someone, I respect them.”

A few months back, there have been certain reports that, Shruti and Gauthami are not in good terms. They even had open fights in shooting location of the film Sabash Naidu, regarding costumes designed by Gauthami. The father and daughter duo are reportedly playing their real life relation in the film and Gautami is doing the costumes for Shruti.

The problem arise over the costumes designed by Gautami which shruthi did not like.

This became a burning issue between the two, and later shruti’s spokesperson had issued a statement explaining that they are always in good relation and the costumes issue is sorted professionally.

Sabash Naidu is the film in which Kamal Haasan is acting for the first time with his daughter Shruti Haasan.

Gautami is working as a designer for the film Sabash Naidu. As usual, Kamal Haasan himself directs the film.

Shruti does not like the costumes designed by Gauthami. Ans Shruthi, is frequently raising complaints regarding her.

Kamal Haasan has become a in great trouble as the war is between two essential persons in his life.

Malayalam actor Rekha Mohan, who appeared alongside Mammootty in Udyanapalakan and Mohanlal in Yathramozhi, was found dead in her Thrissur (Kerala) apartment on Saturday, said police.

The 45-year-old actor, who was also a popular face on television soaps like Sthreejanmam and Snehasindooram, is survived by her businessman husband Mohan Krishnan. The couple have no children.

An official from the Viyyur police station, who did not wish to be named, said that the actor’s husband contacted the police after he was unable to reach Rekha for two days.

“Her husband works abroad and following no response from her, the flat was opened by us and we found her body. A case has been registered and the body has taken to conduct an autopsy,” said the police official.

Reportedly, the actor, who lives alone, had not been seen by her neighbours for the last few days. The neighbours did not suspect anything amiss, and assumed that Rekha was busy shooting for a film.

According to The Indian Express, there have been media reports that the police has found a three-page suicide note in Rekha’s flat, in which she has talked about her professional and relationship issues. If these reports are true, Rekha’s death might be a case of suicide.