TamilRockers is a well-known website that publishes pirated copies of south Indian movies. Recently, the anti-piracy cell of Kerala Police nabbed five people in a film piracy racket. Three of them are from Tamilrockers.com. Google has blocked domains owned by TamilRockers, but still, tamilrockersss.com is available on one of the leading search engines. It seems that they have changed the name of the domain after the other domains got blocked.

The other domains are tamilrockers.com, tamilrockers.me, tamilrockers.co and tamilrockers.ac, which has been blocked by Google after the racket. As per the reports, TamilRockers and DVD rockers, another piracy website, together had bought a total of 19 domains online where they allegedly released new south Indian movies in case the police block one.

The police arrested the TamilRockers and DVD rockers members after tracking an e-mail which, according to the reports, had mentioned having a connection with the piracy website. Around seven cases have been filed against Tamilrockers including one for allegedly leaking the Mohanlal hit film Pulimurugan online. It is also believed to be behind the leak of Pranav Mohanlal’s debut film Aadhi.

Police have claimed that all the accused are young and academically qualified and some of them even hold degrees in MSc and BSc in computer science. The police also recovered laptops, hard disks and other gadgets used for piracy from their possession.

  • The investigation revealed that members of Tamil Rockers and DVD Rockers have together bought 19 domains online 
  • Google has blocked domains owned by TamilRockers, but still, tamilrockersss.com is available on one of the leading search engines
  • The TamilRockers members had earned more than Rs 1 crore through film piracy
  • In January last year, the anti-piracy cells arrested the members of the well-known piracy website TamilRockers

Bollywood diva Sridevi passed away on Saturday night after a cardiac arrest...

Bollywood diva Sridevi passed away on Saturday night after a cardiac arrest, confirmed her brother-in-law Sanjay Kapoor. She was 54. The first female superstar of Bollywood was reportedly with her husband Boney Kapoor and daughter Khushi at the time of death. Sridevi along with her family were in UAE to attend the wedding ceremony of Mohit Marwah.

“Yes, it is true that Sridevi passed away. I just landed here, I was in Dubai and now I am flying back to Dubai. It happened roughly around 11.00-11.30. I don’t know more details yet,” Sanjay confirmed the news to indianexpress.com.

Born as Shree Amma Yanger Ayyapan, Sridevi had worked in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada films before debuting in Hindi films. She had started her career as a child artiste, and grew up to be one of the biggest female stars India ever had. The government of India awarded her Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian honour, in 2013.

The actor not only won hearts of millions with her films like Chandni, Lamhe, Mr India, Nagina and more in the 1990’s, but she also continued winning accolades in her second innings with films like English Vinglish. She was last seen in 2017 film MOM. Her daughter Janhvi is set to make her Bollywood debut this year with Karan Johar’s directorial Dhadak.

Referred to simply as “The Superstar” in his native Tamil Nadu state, Rajinikanth famously worked as a bus conductor in the southern Indian city of Bangalore before heading to Chennai in 1973 to pursue an acting career. When he threw open those gates somewhere around the 92 minute mark in the 1975 Tamil Social Drama “Apoorva Ragangal” directed by K.Balachander, few knew him. And even those few wouldn’t dream that he was bursting through the gates of the film industry that he would rule supreme for close to four decades as the humble Shahehshah of Tamil Cinema.

Born Shivaji Rao Gaekwad, and named after the famous Maratha King Chatrapathi Shivaji, he was the youngest of four siblings and lived his first years in relative poverty. Even as a child, Shivaji had keen interest in acting and was once noted for his performance as “Eklavya” by a famous Kannada poet. As luck would have had it, he would also study at Ramakrishna Matt and would have his first brush with spirituality by learning about the Vedas (Hindu scriptures).

After completing his education, Shivaji would move to Bangalore where he would be among other things, a Carpenter, a Coolie and eventually a Bus Conductor, while continuing to perform in stage shows when time permitted. Eventually, Shivaji, destiny’s child, would notice an advertisement for acting courses at the “Madras Film Institute”. His friend Raj Bahadur would convince him to go to Madras while his family wound’t be too keen on the move. Shivaji would, however, move to Chennai (then known as Madras). In Chennai, he would be noticed by K. Balachander, a doyen of Tamil Cinema, while acting in a stage show in Chennai.

For his first movie, Shivaji would be requested by K. Balachander (KB) to choose a screen name. He obviously couldn’t go by his own name as it was being used by a Thespian of Indian Cinema “Sivaji” Ganesan (who incidentally got his name for portraying Chatrapathi Shivaji in the 1950s). He would be given three choices : Srikanth, Chandrakanth and Rajinikanth. These were all names of characters in the stage play “Major Chandrakanth” by KB.

In earnest, Rajini would start his acting career, going on to act in a Telugu “Anthuleni Katha” by KB, a remake of his super-hit “Aval Oru Thodarkathai” starring Sujatha. His next 3 big Tamil movies would be “Moondru Mudichu”, “Avargal” and “16 Vayathiniley”. In all three, he would play a negative role. He made such an impact with just a few movies that even my 80 year old grand mother remembers that he started off as a “Villain” before becoming a “Hero”…

Rajni would first be cast in “Bhuvana Oru Kelvi Kuri” (1977) in a positive light, as the male lead. And incidentally, it would be S.P. Muthuraman who would take over from K. Balachander from thereon, making most of Rajini’s hit movies for the next 13 years.

From 1995 onward, Rajini, who was till then known to be religious (remember, his 100th movie was on Swami Raghavendra because he wanted it to be so) became increasingly spiritual. Many Tamil magazines began to report that Rajini was going to the Himalayas and spending weeks or months on end in the wilderness, often dressed as a beggar and not carrying money or having security.

Mersal is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated releases of the year.

As you all know that Vijay’s Mersal is one of the most anticipated films of 2017 and the release date is just four days away and there is already a lot of hype around the movie. So here are 7 reasons why you should not miss the film.

1.  The one, Two and Three Vijay
This is the first time Thalapathy Vijay will be seen playing three different characters in a film. As the teaser has already revealed that he will be playing a magician, farmer-kind-of-role, the expectations are high.

2. Vadivelu is Back
The social media is already abuzz with the screenshots of the promo video showing Vadivelu’s dialogue ‘Sillakki dum’. We hope this is a turning point for the ace comedian after his break from acting.

3. Three Sexy Sirens
Kajal Aggarwal, Samantha and Nithya Menen, this is a dream come true for any director to have all these beautiful actresses together in a film. It would be interesting to see all three of them in action. Their roles are touted to be very interesting and the audience can’t wait to see what’s in store for them.

4. AR Rahman’s music
‘Aazhaporan Tamizhan’ has already become a huge hit among fans, so are the rest of the songs in the album. It is a treat for Vijay fans to have the background music of the film composed by Oscar winner AR Rahman.

5. SJ Suryah
SJ Suryah is a perfect antagonist for Thalapathy Vijay. The expectations on SJ Suryah have gone up after his splendid performance in AR Murugadoss’s Spyder.

6. The Budget
The numbers are truly shocking as no previous release of Vijay, going by some reliable trade pundits, has been made on a budget of over Rs 100 crore. These numbers have already set the expectations very high for the film, which reunites Vijay with director Atlee after last year’s Theri.

7. Director Atlee
As you all know that there are several directors who are eager to work with Vijay, but this young director got an opportunity to direct him again. Director Atlee, who made his debut in 2013 with Raja Rani, has worked as an assistant director with ace director Shankar on many films. There are high expectations from the young director. Since he is young, people feel he understands the pulse of the youth and Vijay fans in particular.

Days ahead of the scheduled release of Mersal, actor Vijay met with Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi Palaniswa...

We had reported on Saturday that the upcoming Vijay-starrer Mersal has run into trouble with the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI), which has revealed that it has not granted an NOC, which is necessary for a film to get certified by the Censor Board of Film Certification (CBFC). Interestingly, the makers had tweeted on October 6 that the film has been certified U/A, and on Friday evening, the CBFC came out with a statement saying they haven’t issued a certificate to the film.

While the makers of Mersal remain unavailable for any comments on these issues. The source says that a series of events has led to the current situation.

Talking about how the issue developed, he says:

  • The team started shooting after getting pre-shoot permissions from us. They have used a lot of animals in the film and they got permissions for this part by part. For a shoot that happened in Binny Mills, we came to know that they were shooting with animals and birds for which they did not take permission for — macaque, cockatoos, pigeons and snakes. But by the time we reached there, someone had moved all of those animals from there. However, we found feathers and bird droppings all around the place.
  • We took a photograph and filed a Community Service Register. And the next week, they applied for permission for the scenes they had already shot. So, we rejected it, saying that they had shot the scenes without getting permissions. We told them to give us the footage of the shoot and the details of the suppliers. Then, they admitted they had made a big mistake by shooting those scenes without taking permission. And assured us that they wouldn’t use those shots. As for the suppliers, they told us that the suppliers had run away and they did not have their details! It was implausible. How could someone run away with animals from the set of a big film with tight security like Mersal? So, the Performing Animals Sub Committee (PASC), which is part of the AWBI, did not give permission.
  • Then, there were scenes of horses and camels being made to perform. So, the committee rejected the NOC for that. Because, when they had come for pre-shoot approval, the committee was told that those animals would only be in the background. But in the actual footage, we found them performing. Finally, they were asked to submit the entire footage of the scenes where animals were used in one CD. They still haven’t submitted it. They told us that the birds used in the film are computer graphics (CG), but haven’t submitted any supporting documents for that yet. Apart from these, the scenes which they told us were shot in Thailand came for NOC last week.
  • In the document they had submitted, they had mentioned that the snake used in it was the king cobra, whose scientific name is Ophiophagus hannah. But the footage had an Indian cobra, the spectacled cobra whose scientific name is Naja naja. Indian cobras come under the Wildlife Protection Act, so we couldn’t give permission. It is because of these three things that the AWBI hasn’t given NOC for the film.”
  • A lot of movies try to cheat us by providing fake documents. Sometimes they say they are shooting in foreign countries and not in India, and they use real animals, but submit fake documents showing that they were created using computer graphics. Apart from this, there are many illegal animal suppliers who help them. The main producer of the film may not be aware of all this, but the people whom he designates the work to go ahead without getting permissions. They get animals from these illegal suppliers and put the movies into trouble. The PASC meets every Wednesday and if the documents are all in place, they give permissions immediately and NOCs after seeing the footages that involve animals.”

Meanwhile, MM Mathialagan, Regional Officer, CBFC, says that the makers shouldn’t have claimed that the film has been certified U/A when the censor formalities haven’t been completed yet. He explains, “I don’t know why the team announced on social media that their project has been censored, which has led to all this confusion now. With such a big project, one which has huge expectations, what the makers did is beyond understanding. In fact, the censor process is happening only now, though I cannot reveal when the board will issue the certificate.”

Director Rajamouli recently revealed why they opted out to pick Sridevi. Of course, long back there was buzz that she demanded a whopping 5 crores to play Sivagami and that’s why they opted for Ramya Krishna. The fact is that Sridevi’s demands are not just over-the-board but also quite unethical.

“Sridevi asked for 8 crores. Apart from that, she wants five business class tickets whenever she has to fly to Hyderabad and fly back. And five business suites should be booked at the biggest hotel in Hyderabad for her entourage during their stay. We thought we would bargain on this, but there is another shocker. She wants a share in Hindi version of the film. We thought it’s pointless to demand and hence opted out. But in the end, our decision got right”, said Rajamouli, about casting Ramya Krishna and pushing Sridevi out.

Sridevi’s Demands:

  • Rs 8 crore Remuneration
  • 5 Business Class Tickets whenever they travel between Hyderabad & Mumbai or any other city for the shoot.
  • An entire floor to be booked for her Family in the best hotel whenever she might be shooting.
  • Share in Profits

A similar thing happened with Vijay’s “Puli” makers as well and they agreed to all of her demands. Later Sridevi lodged a legal case on the makers for not giving a share in Hindi version. Anyway, this demand sounds way too much.

Recently, we had reported that actress Shruti Haasan will not be a part of historical Tamil film Sangamithra.

In a shocking turn of events, the producers, Shri Thendral Films, took to twitter today and announced the news of her departure: Due to unavoidable circumstances, we are unable to proceed working with Shruti Haasan in Sangamithra.

Now we have received an official statement from Shruti Haasan’s spokesperson on why she will not be acting in Sangamithra.

“Shruti has had to, unfortunately, take a call not to be a part of Sangamithra. Knowing it was a massive undertaking and a long commitment spanning over 2 years, she knew the importance of her training, a comprehensive script and a proper date calendar. She hired and started training with one of the best combat trainers from April onwards to make sure she was ready in time for the shoot.

Despite her enthusiasm and commitment to Sangamithra, she has had to give the film a miss since she had not received a proper bound script nor a proper date calendar. She is currently caught up with promoting her film Behen Hogi Teri, prep for Sabash Naidu and her musical associations.”

Baahubali 2: The Conclusion has become the biggest-selling Indian film at the worldwide box office. The sequel, which was released in four languages (Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi) on 28 April, has grossed $131 million globally, beating the record previously held by PK in 2014 ($123 million). The film – directed by S.S. Rajamouli – is a sequel to 2015 blockbuster Baahubali: The Beginning which grossed $100 million. Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Anushka Shetty and Tamannaah Bhatia all star.

The filmmaker exclusively revealed to Variety at a sold-out BFI screening in London earlier this week that he is working on another sequel. In India, the film overtook the local record of $83.7 million which was achieved by Dangal which starred Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan. The film sits below new Marvel superhero sequel Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 which is currently riding high at the top of the box office.

Baahubali 2: The Conclusion which released on April 28, 2017 created a storm at the boxoffice on day one. Day two hasn’t been any less for Baahubali 2 which crossed the Rs 223 crore mark at the box office. The movie which released on over 9,000 screens worldwide collected more than Rs 155 crore for Tamil, Telugu and hindi version, according to early estimates of boxofficeindia.com . For Hindi alone, the movie collected around Rs 80 crore, according to other estimates.

Trade analyst Taran Adarsh tweeted today on the thumping of reception of ‘Baahubali 2: The Conclusion’.

The figure is much more than the first day collection of Salman Khan-starrer Sultan Rs 36 crore and Aamir Khan’s Dangal (Rs 29.50 crore). Its prequel Baahubali: The Beginning collected Rs 60 crore on its first day. Even Bollywood star-directors like Karan Johar have applauded the film’s massive success.

It is a non-holiday record and SS Rajamouli’s magnum opus is expected to make new records during its first weekend, possibly crossing the Rs 300-crore mark. The movie earned Rs 500 crore before its release. Filmmaker Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions is presenting the Hindi version of the film.

According to the movie reviews on several media platforms, the film is much more grandeur than its prequel with incredible visual effects, high voltage drama, strong plot and some mind-blowing fighting sequences. It seems that Baahubali 2: The Conclusion is all set to break box-office records set by its own prequel in 2015 where it collected Rs 650 crore. Baahubali 2 can be a game changer for the Indian film industry.

Baahubali 2 not only opened on a record 6500 screens across the nation, it also ensured the enviable houseful boards came up everywhere. As the early estimates of Baahubali 2 box office collection on opening day are coming in, trade is predicting a record-shattering Rs 100 crore business in one day in India in all languages. No Indian film has even come close to this kind of box office numbers. In fact, the highest opening of 2017 has been Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees which earned Rs 20.42 crore on day of its release.

Not just in India, the film was number one Indian film ever in the US, Australia and UAE. Trade analyst Ramesh Bala wrote, “Baahubali2 Day 1 BO Records Expected: 1st ₹ 100 Cr Nett Movie in India. All-time No.1 Opening for ANY movie in India, AP/TG, KA & KE.”

Film’s presenter Karan Johar also tweeted, “UNTHINKABLE and UNIMAGINABLE HIGHEST EVER DAY 1….data being tabulated ..will take a while!!! Watch this space for the number! #Baahubali.”
According to trade analyst Taran Adarsh, Baahubali: The Conclusion witnessed an even bigger opening than Salman Khan’s Sultan and Aamir Khan’s Dangal. In Tamil Nadu the film has collected Rs 10.25 crore as told by trade analyst, Sreedhar Pillai.

Baahubali, a follow-up to the blockbuster 2015 films, is doing even stronger business and could earn $7.2 million from only 450 locations, including more than $2 million Thursday night. if it hits $7 million, that would likely be a record for an Indian title, said Hollywood Reporter.

According to trade estimates, this is the collection from pre-sale of rights for Baahubali 2.

Satellite Sales (Hindi): Rs 50 crore
Satellite Sales (Tamil +Telugu+ Malayalam): Rs 25-30 crore
Music ( all languages): Rs 25-30 crore
Theatrical rights (Hindi): Rs 65 crore
Theatrical Rights (Telugu): Rs 130 crore
Theatrical Rights (Karnataka): Rs 45 crore
Theatrical Rights (Kerala): Rs 8 crore