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Annoyed Bharathiraja slams #MeToo

Legendary director Bharathiraja became angry during a press meet when he was asked questions related to ‘Me Too’ movement. He refused to answer to a reporter who asked about his friend Vairamuthu’s sexual harassment allegations.

Bharathiraja asked the reporter whether he has proof about Vairamuthu’s involvement in sexual misconduct. The filmmaker told the media that he was not willing to answer irrelevant questions following which he abruptly ended the press meet.

The #Me Too movement has gained momentum in India. Recently, several prominent men in arts and media have been alleged to have misused their powers to sexually harass women.

From leading author Chetan Bhagat to filmmaker Sajid Khan, there are many celebrities who are facing charges of sexual harassment. Singer Chinmayi and a few others have alleged Vairamuthu of sexual misconduct.