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ALL IS WELL: Ramba rubbishes divorce rumours

Rambha has responded to the rumours pertaining to her divorce with husband Indran.

Actress Rambha has denied rumours of a rift in her relationship with her husband Indran Pathmanathan. The actress has clarified that the couple has not filed for divorce and everything is fine in her marriage.

“I just heard from my brother that there was such a rumour going on. If I have filed for divorce, there would be an entry, right? And wouldn’t people have noticed me if I had gone to the court for this? I have two kids, and in fact, I’m about to go and pick up my elder daughter from her school. Everything is fine in my marriage,”

While some reports had claimed that the couple has filed for divorce and has been living separately for some time now, a section of the media claimed that Rambha moved a family court in Chennai requesting them to restore her conjugal rights. The actress reportedly mentioned in her petition that she wants to live with her husband, thereby invoking section 9 of the Hindu Marriage Act.