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Akshara Haasan’s Ex-Boyfriend leaked her intimate pictures?

A police officer says Akshara Haasan may have sent her private pictures to Tanuj Virwani when they were dating.

Akshara Haasan, daughter of actor and politician Kamal Haasan, filed a police complaint on Sunday stating that her private photographs were leaked on the internet. She also informed the police that she had no idea who was behind the act. In a report published earlier, Tanuj Virwani,
veteran actress Rati Agnihotri’s son, was the one with whom Akshara had shared these pictures, according to Versova Police. Akshara and Tanuj were in a relationship before they broke up in 2016.

A Mumbai Mirror report stated that Akshara had shared some private images with Tanuj when they were dating, because of which he could be called in for questioning. Tanuj’s spokesperson told the Indian Express: “Tanuj is absolutely aware of what Akshara must be going through. We are more than happy to cooperate with the police or with any kind of investigation, so as the culprit gets punished and gets caught. Tanuj is going to give it his all and whatever is needed of him.”

The spokesperson also added that Tanuj and Akshara mutually ended their relationship and that they remain good friends. “They are still friends. If Akshara ever had anything of this sort in mind to accuse Tanuj, then I am sure she would not have been talking to him for so many months, almost years after the break-up.”

Earlier, a police officer told Mumbai Mirror: “Akshara was using an iPhone 6 till 2013, which had the photos. Prima facie investigation has revealed the photos were shared with Tanuj in 2013. He may be summoned for questioning.”

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