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WHY: Are Vijay Fans Jealous of Kabali?

As we all know that some Vijay fans always express blatant jealousy, be it that “24” is a better film than “Theri” or if Kabali Teaser smashes all previous Vijay records. The trend is always set by Superstar Rajinikanth. Aggressive Vijay fans, who are insecure, act as bullies at other actors’ fans and try to dominate all and sundry.

In comparison, Ajith fans are sober, slow and late to react, while Vijay fans, with their aggression, try to run down on anyone they consider a threat. See below the indecent act of Vijay fans, which is a copyright violation as well, from the legal point of view:

As you can see the above WhatsApp message asks Vijay fans not to watch Kabali Teaser on YouTube and asks them to download and share Kabali Teaser so that they can watch offline, as watching offline will not increase Kabali Teaser’s views.

What do you think? Is this act justified? Is that a decent act?